Swelling can be caused by many different factors. Swelling that appears suddenly or unexpectedly should always be examined by a doctor. PhysioTouch and LymphaTouch can be used to quickly and effectively treat nearly all types of protein-rich swelling associated with sports injuries and other injuries, surgery, lymphadenectomy, or lymph-vessel damage due to various causes. Cardiac edema due to heart failure is not treated using PhysioTouch or LymphaTouch. Lymphedema and lipoedema patients are usually treated by a trained lymphatic therapist.

Swelling should be treated promptly at an early stage in order to prevent the formation of fibrous connective tissue as effectively as possible. The combination of proteins and inflammatory agents in the accumulated fluid disrupts metabolic activity in the tissue, causing compression pain and limited mobility. Tissue metabolism and oxygenation slow down as a result of the swelling. Eliminating the swelling as quickly as possible may limit permanent formation of fibrous tissue, complications, and prolongation of recovery.

The PhysioTouch and LymphaTouch treatment method effectively activates the lymphatic system, the purpose of which is to transport excess fluids, fat, viruses, bacteria, fungi, dead cells, and other metabolic wastes out of the body via the lymph vessels. The lymphatic system also plays a role in the immune system by eliminating harmful agents from the body through the action of leukocytes and lymphocytes, white blood cells found in the lymph nodes.