Neural tissue

Neural tissue refers to nerve fibers and the structures immediately surrounding them, such as connective tissue membranes, blood vessels and lymph vessels. Neural tissue is closely connected to other features of the body, such as muscle activity, lymph vessels and fascial structure. Under normal conditions, neural tissue can move freely between muscles, bones and various types of connective tissue membranes, such as fasciae. The normal movement of nerve tissue may become limited as a result of restricted joint mobility or muscle tightness, causing symptoms such as radiating pain. When a nerve is constantly compressed or stretched, the transport of nutrients inside it is impaired, causing increased secretion of inflammation mediators.

The PhysioTouch and LymphaTouch treatment method can be used to release tissue structures and restore normal function to the neural tissue. At the same time, metabolic activity in the surrounding tissue is stimulated so that harmful particles are removed from the target area.