HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd

HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd is a pioneering Finnish healthcare technology company. The treatment method it has developed represents the newest technology in the field. Our therapy devices are already in use at approximately three hundred locations in various parts of Finland, Europe and the USA. The HLD medical devices LymphaTouch and PhysioTouch have established their place in the toolkit of healthcare professionals. They can be used to significantly improve patients’ quality of life by reducing pain and swelling and improving range of motion. HLD is a rapidly growing company aiming to strongly increase our share in international markets.

Our goal is to promote treatment that is based on scientific evidence and benefits patients, caregivers and healthcare as a whole. HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified. HLD products are manufactured in Finland and are CE marked in accordance with directive 93/42/EEC.