Fascia and skin treatment enhances metabolism and enables nutrients to be used as efficiently as possible throughout the body. Collagen production in the skin can be stimulated by boosting the metabolic activity of the skin and improving the absorption of nutrients. A healthy balance of moisture helps the skin function effectively and defend against external stress such as cold, heat, dry air, and various environmental pollutants and chemicals.

PhysioTouch therapy uses negative pressure to expand tissue spaces and to improve lymphatic circulation[1]. Increased lymphatic flow enhances tissue oxygenation, nutrient transportation, and the removal of harmful particles.  Spa and relaxation treatments using PhysioTouch stimulate the metabolism through the lymphatic system activation and the massage effect of the device relaxes the muscles. 



[1] Vuorinen V-P, Airaksinen O. A new vacuum suction device for management of lymphedema. Program & Abstract book. pp. 118. 22ISL. 22nd International Congress of Lymphology, 21-25 September 2009 Sydney, Australia