There are many different causes of pain. A doctor should be consulted if pain occurs suddenly and unexpectedly or persists for a long time. Compression pain caused by swelling after an injury or operation can be relieved by reducing the swelling through the improvement of the lymphatic circulation. Additionally, lymphatic flow removes harmful inflammatory agents and fluid-collecting protein from the body. To achieve best results with PhysioTouch treatment, pain caused by bruising (contusions) should be treated within 48 hours of injury. In general, treatment in the acute phase will produce the best results.

The PhysioTouch treatment method can be used to treat many different pain conditions[1]. Good pain-relief outcomes have been achieved in the treatment of neuropathic pain, MS patients, and fibromyalgia patients, for example[1]. Persistent pain such as back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, joint pain and tendon pain can be treated locally or by concentrating on fascial structures and trigger points[1].


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