PhysioTouch is a tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals. The device is also suitable to be used by athletic trainers in muscle care for athletes and to treat sports injuries. The therapeutic effect of the PhysioTouch method is based on negative pressure as well as the optional high-frequency vibration enhancement.


PhysioTouch continues the strong path forward that was started by the previous device version, LymphaTouch. During the years, PhysioTouch has established its place as valuable tool in the toolkit of healthcare professionals. The device, which manufactured in Finland, is patented and represent the highest level of expertise in healthcare technology.

The technical features of the PhysioTouch device make a variety of treatments possible. The function of the devices is based on negative pressure, which forms in the mouthpiece and can be adjusted to customize the treatment for individual patients. Device pulsation can be adjusted to the desired work/rest ratio for the pulsating negative pressure. It is also possible set a constant pressure settting. The negative pressure range is 20–250 mmHg and the pulsation range is 0.3–5 seconds. The PhysioTouch device features also a high-frequency vibration mode that offers even more treatment options. The high-frequency vibration can be adjusted in the range of 20–90 Hz. The vibration is mechanic and the devices doesn't lead any electicity into the tissue. 

The treatment head of the devices measures negative pressure 300 times per second, and automatically engages negative pressure when a target is detected (i.e., when the mouthpiece is brought close to the skin). Mouthpieces for the treatment heads are available in four different sizes for different parts of the body. The patented, ergonomically designed mouthpieces are manufactured using materials approved for medical use. The devices have easy-to-use touch screens user interfaces for simple, intuitive operation. The devices can be used with electricty or it can run on batter. The battery power lasts an entire eight-hour workday on a single charge allowing the device to be used practically anywhere.